Culture and the Mind: Voices, Sites and Practices

CULTMIND will hold its first annual conference on 16-18 May 2024 in central Copenhagen.


The role of cultural and socio-political contexts in shaping understandings of the human mind continues to be discussed and debated in the psy-disciplines as well as the arts and humanities. This international conference will bring together scholars from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and career stages to discuss the current state of research on the entanglement of culture and the mind and to outline new paths for future exploration. The conference will present a forum for discussing the cultural and social specificity of psychological distress, trauma and healing; for exploring the distinct cultural traditions in which ideas of mental health and treatment take shape; and for examining the varied vocabularies in which health and illness are expressed and imagined. Bringing clinicians and practitioners into dialogue with historians, anthropologists and medical humanities scholars, the conference will showcase the interdisciplinary collaborations that have furthered attempts to understand the culture-mind nexus, from the past to the present.

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