The centre’s transdisciplinary team explores a group of interrelated thematic strands, relying on insights from new cross-cultural psychiatry, post-colonial studies, critical medical anthropology, literary criticism and history of ‘psy’ disciplines and emotions.

The four strands demonstrate that discussions about the mind, psyche and their socio-cultural contexts, have been central to many research fields and pressing political debates. The centre also offers a unique platform for researching how patients’ cultural background affects psychiatric encounters, and how cultural factors should be accounted for in the course of diagnostic and therapeutic processes.

In all four research strands the centre seeks to: 1) develop a cross-cultural inter-disciplinary analytical framework by examining historical, ethnographic, literary and clinical materials, 2) focus on the interplay between psychiatric languages and patients’ narratives about their own illness experiences, and 3) explore models and practices of cross-cultural translation and interpretation. 

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